After earning a college degree in English, I married and had three kids. So now I’m a self taught seamstress and mostly take in clothes for alterations. With baby #3 very new, I’m not taking in much right now; my goal by next year is to bring in $800/mo. I’ve done everything from patching holes, recovering cushions, hemming prom dresses and fixing tattered toddler dress up clothes.

I don’t think the calculator is there to make a decision. It’s there to support a decision. For example, some families would love to have one parent at home, but are under the impression that they would have more money if both parents were working full-time. For some people, they may discover that the extra income does not actually generate positive cash flow. So the calculator can help them see that they are not taking home as much as they might have thought. For others, it might help validate the parent’s strong desire to go out and work. (I happen to work from home, but my M-I-L recently said, “Oh, but you wouldn’t possibly earn enough to cover daycare if you worked in an office.” When I told her how much I’d make in a f/t position, she gasped and realized that I’d more than cover childcare. However, in my case, because I earn a good living while taking care of my own kids, I take home as much or more as I would if I was working outside the home, so it doesn’t matter.)

These are but a few examples of all the possibilities out there to make income for your family even with a babe in arms. I didn’t even touch on becoming a consultant (like a Stitch Fix stylist in certain cities), or starting your own direct-selling business. Still, you should have plenty of ideas now and feel a little less overwhelmed – by finding a remote job, anyway. I can’t do anything about baby worries!

Hmmmm I’m a work from home mom right now but there are a couple of these I’m going to try out! Why not make a few bucks while shopping and have the gas paid for? Or help someone out if I’m running around anyway? Plus we are a pet free home so the kids would love pet sitting once in a while. LOVE this list thanks mama!! =) hope some of these links work in Canada!!

1) As a public school teacher, each year of teaching accrues toward a retirement pension that pays Mrs. Hwang from retirement to the end of her life. Let’s assume her pension does not inflate once retirement commences (this is ine line with Gov Christie's decision to freeze teacher and administrator pensions for decades to come). If Mrs. Hwang is 38 and chose to work to age 65+, she can accrue a lifetime pension that I calculate pays her at least $40,000/year (after tax) from 2039 (age 65) to the end of her life. This is a conservativeestimate based upon projected income levels and pension accrual. The value of this estimated pension from age 65 to age 92 is $1,080,000 in 2039 dollars, or $554,000 in 2012 dollars.
Here's a little secret: You don't need to be a hardcore, all-or-nothing cloth diaper user. Some parents use disposables in the first few weeks after their child is born, then switch to cloth. Others use cloth at home but travel with disposables. Still others go the hybrid-diaper route, which combines the best of both worlds: a washable cover that never really comes in contact with any bodily fluids, save the occasional blowout, plus a flushable, biodegradable insert that won't hang around the planet for as long as a disposable diaper.
While you may have to give up a few luxuries in exchange for more time with your kids, there are also many alternatives to making a little extra cash. Maybe your employer is open to you working part-time or from home, or perhaps you can get hired as a freelancer for on a project basis. Some working mothers have been able to trade longer workdays Monday through Thursday for having Fridays off. And don’t underestimate picking up that old waitressing job that got you through college. It’s a great way to make extra cash without having to bring any work home with you.

I work with an amazing company that has an awesome nutritional product! Not many know about it, making this a ground floor, rocking opportunity! This product supports health and wellness! There are studies backing it and personal testimonies that are amazing! Everything from sleeping better, more energy, allergies, skin, eyes, stronger, bones, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, just to name a few, all improved just by supplementing with this product! As a customer you can earn free product just by sharing with others and as a business owner you can earn free product plus a shiny new BMW! Talk to me!
One word of advice? Take it easy on the sacrifices. If you give up too much at once you are likely to feel deprived and run the risk of binging on luxuries. Cut out the extra expenses slowly over time and see what you can live without. If life just isn’t the same without that morning latte, then maybe it’s worth trading the magazine subscription for. We all have our weaknesses.
This group is for those looking for work at home jobs or work at home businesses. We have information on how to avoid work at home scams and how to find the right work at home opportunity for you! This group is here to help Moms find their perfect work at home opportunity! Please read the post below entitled "Welcome to the WAHM Community! READ THIS POST FIRST" so you know what is allowed in this community if you have your own business and if you are looking some key things to look over. Welcome and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
GoGoKid hires home-based online English teachers to work with Chinese children. Home-based teachers earn $14 to $25 per hour. Scheduling is flexible. You set your own hours. These are independent contractor positions. From the company: "Gogokid creates a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience. Our … Read More
Beautiful and truthful hub. I am not a single mom, but I can relate a bit to your situation. Last year my husband was hurt in an accident at work, and lost his job due to permanent injury. Nothing has worked out well. It took a year for him to find a new job, and it pays almost 70% less than his last job. While he was recuperating, I had to stay home and care for him as well as my baby. Now we have both agreed that having me stay home full time with her is much more important than having two incomes. Yes, we are struggling, and backsliding. I do clean houses for extra cash, but its only a few days a month. The rest of my income comes from writing online. Just when I was ready to give up and go back to work, the horrible school shooting happened, and again we both decided that I would continue to stay home. I know it isn't the politically correct thing to do, but I commend you for choosing your daughter. We all have the rest of our lives to rise to the top, but babies grow up too fast.
Hi Valerie, There are many different side hustles to choose from. If you have a specific interest in one and there is not already information to help you get started on the site, I can create it so please let us know. As far as scams go, this post will tell you about a few you need to watch out for:
I planned my Stay-at-Home while I was working my 40hr+/wk Sales Job over 8 yrs ago. I found something dear to my heart, HERBS, and made a business out of it! I now help heal children’s eczema, and provide Organic, healthy alternatives to the mainstream bath & beauty products for the whole family!! Lots of hard work, networking, and persistence has built my business to what it is today! – Melissa Carr at Honeybee Holistics
Yes our taxes are outlandish. That is putting it mildly. We pay 50 % or more of every dollar earned back in taxes. Starting with income tax. Then we pay CPP for our Canadian pension, then EI in case you loose your job. (you don’t get to collect Employment insurance if your fired or quit)Then we pay 13 % on every purchase we make in retail sales tax, including on a new home(that are not cheap either in Canada)then we pay 2 X more for gas (taxes built in) and basically 2 to 4 x more for everything we purchase compared to what it is sold for in the US. Even products made in Canada are sold much cheaper in the USA. All liquor stores are owned and operated by our government, so every penny over the cost of it is tax to the government for these surfaces. As a male with no children, I pay for this lady to have her kids and put them thru school. Her number 7 point hits me the worst. There is no such thing as free healthcare. We pay through the nose for it, but it is just above mediocre. If you need a hernia operation you will have to wait four years for one for example, but only two for a complete sex change operation paid for by tax payers. I lived in the USA for 22 years and you are way better off down there. I went back which I regret, and now I pay 4500 more a year just to fuel my car. Tires cost twice as much, etc. So the cost of living in the USA way offsets your cost to purchase your healthcare. Now judging by this ladies last name, I kind doubt she was born here, and so she may actually get free healthcare, until her taxes finally offset it. But not with what she already cost the taxpayer. 3 C sections, etc. Her taxed earnings will never catch up to the burden.

If you love to find bargains and can’t get enough of the clearance aisles, then selling on Amazon may be for you! Jessica from was able to take her love of finding deals and turn it into a 6-figure side hustle in just 1 year. You can grab a free 7 day email course right here and she will explain everything you need to know about how it all works and help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. (I think this is one of the EASIEST jobs stay at home moms can do with no experience!)
The gender wage gap is real, and it increases when women become moms. Taking time off to care for your children can have a big long term impact on your lifelong earnings and retirement savings. But deciding to put your kids in childcare so you can work isn’t the clear winner here either. The annual cost of childcare for one child is more than the price of tuition at some colleges. And don’t even get us started on the giant dose of mom judgment that gets dished out when people hear you’re “letting a stranger raise your baby.”

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You could also borrow from friends, try consignment stores or online diaper-swap sites, or visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of various brands, as companies sometimes issue calls for testers. Or join a trial program, like Diaper Lab's $35, two-week "Experiment to Own" option, which is basically like leasing a car, only with nappies instead of a Nissan. Jillian's Drawers is another option. In the end, it all comes down to your (and your baby's) personal preference. 

On the great debate on whether it is best to stay home with your children or to work for a living, I do not think there is a right and wrong answer. This is a decision that each family needs to make for itself. Our family feels that it is best for me to stay home with our children, partly because of the cost of working, but mostly for other reasons. That may not be the same for your family, and that's fine! There is nothing wrong with families who for one reason or another have two working parents, or a single parent who needs to work.

I love your blog, and very often my days at work go like this…blah blah blabbity blah…oh, a new post at the Smackdown – Yessss. Now get out of my cube so I can read this work-related (wink wink) blog about cool stuff. LOVE. So I’m a mom to a pretty terrific 8 mo. old little man with the chubbiest and mos delectable knees, feet, fingers, elbows, and eyelashes. Good lord, the eyelashes. Seriously…somedays I am tempted to try out some mascara, but no. That’d be wrong, right?. Anyways, I love that you’re making the switch to cloth diapers, mostly because it’s something I’m pretty curious about but am nervous to try. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, how exactly does the cloth diapering thing work? Is it uuber messy? Do they really get clean in the wash? I’m so curious but hesitant to make the investment without hearing firsthand.
Reselling can be a lot of fun and something you can absolutely do even if you’re chasing kids all day. Between shopping, listing, and packaging your items, it can become as much of a family affair as you’d like (or not one at all). Be aware of how much space you have available for inventory — this plays a role in the types and volume of reselling you’ll be able to do.

Symbria provides programs, services, and tools to post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, outpatient, and home health. They occasionally hire data entry clerks to input prescription information; search for the positions “Pharmacy Technician Specialist” or “Prescription Entry Clerk”. Symbria is an employee-owned company.

You may end up making a choice that could prove to be difficult for the household. For instance, if you choose to stay home or work part time, finances could be stretched thin. In such cases, experts advise being strong within yourself, remembering why your choice is the best for you and your family. Then think about how you can cope with the situation.
What’s so special about a WAHM? Unlike a big company that has a sewing factory, a public relations person, a shipping department and even someone to answer e-mails, a WAHM does this all on her own! While some may have a bit of help here and there, a few hours of virtual assistance or a partner who packs up and ships envelopes, WAHMs are small business machines. Take a look at these excellent shops below:
Hi Emma, Sorry to hear about your job loss and we hope things are going better for you. The jobs and resources in this post have been researched and they are legitimate. My advice to you would be to determine what marketable skills you have that could help you earn an income from an online job. Can you type well? Are you a skilled writer or editor? Do you have amazing organizational skills? Are you good at problem solving? If you are still in need of a job you should look into customer service rep positions or maybe even look into direct sales if you are a people person. Good luck!

You need to cut spending, so start with the cuts that will offer the biggest payoff. Don't waste time driving around town to find the best price on frozen peas -- look at where you can make big changes. For example, housing is by far your biggest expense -- it's typically about 30 percent of a home-owning family's budget. Can you move to a less expensive neighborhood? Or downsize your digs? Would you be willing to? This leads to the next big consideration.

If you use your family transition as an opportunity to overhaul your entire lifestyle, you might save a lot more through simple-living, dollar-stretching and other philosophies that emphasize second-hand shopping, spending less on personal wants and choosing functional, energy-efficient housing over size, amenities and over-priced neighborhoods. (To keep reading on this subject, see Downsize Your Home To Downsize Expenses, Enjoy Life Now And Still Save For Later and Three Simple Steps To Building Wealth.)
Posting on Facebook can be a good start, but you’ll likely only earn a few dollars.  But if you start a small blog about the products you want to write about, you could start earning serious money over time.  If you don’t know what to write about, don’t worry.  We have a huge list of over 350 ideas for websites.  Click here to get access to that list.  And if you need help getting your blog started, check out
As for all that laundry, take a cue from San Clemente, California mom Kate Mudge, who simply ran a load at bedtime every night (or every other night as her kids grew), then moved the clean diapers to the dryer at midnight feedings. "I'd fold and stuff diapers while watching TV at night, so it never felt like a huge chore," she says, "and once they were waiting in the drawer, they were just as easy to use as disposables."
I totally agree! (In fact, that’s what I was going to write.) I love that using 100% cotton prefolds and a separate cover means NEVER STRIPPING DIAPERS! Snappis are a prefold’s best friend and the folds are easy after a short learning curve (even Daddy agreed). 1-layer covers meant I could easily wipe them out and toss them in with a towel load, then hang dry. Plus, washing the pieces separately means they last A LOT longer. 🙂
     Owl Be Green diapers include handmade AI2s with a double layer of PUL and gussets. The inside offers a snap-in-insert style and the PUL is wipe-able so this is truly an AI2! The shell can be reused multiple times before washing and the hemp/organic cotton insert gets changed. She has a very creative selection! Visit the Owl Be Green Shop to see what she hast in stock!
Along the line of what Andrea said above, it might be more prudent to use a “second income calculator” that you can find many of if you Google. Inputing both salaries, the costs associated with the person who would be staying home, tax brackets, etc., you could discover that the second salary may *really* only bring home a few extra thousand a year. Is it worth it?
I guess it depends on the daycare or nanny. I have mostly AIO's and a few pockets, I think they are so easy for anyone to use. They put on like a disposable, just instead of putting in the trash, put in a pail/wet bag which you would provide. I did disposables in the beginning with the constant newborn poops.. Mostly because my hubby is a negative Nancy, and I didn't want to buy a bunch of newborn size diapers that wouldn't last long. But now at almost 5 months we are mostly cloth. Although when my hubby ever changes her he always puts on disposables... It depends on the people around you and if they are willing to do try it. I work full time but lucky to bring my baby to work with me. I just use a wet bag and throw in the laundry. Being a working mom I don't think really matters, how hard is it to run a load of laundry? Just do an extra rinse cycle. Although, I'll tell you - it took me like a month to finally get the washing routine down! Lots of leaky diapers in the process. THAT almost made me give up. Good to go now! :) if you are anything like me, I was pretty determined to make this happen, so it was definitely going to happen!!
I personally find ways to cope with stress by meditation, but I am the only person in my office who doesn’t either get expensive massages or engage in a very expensive stress-reducing activity. One could argue that playing with my Wii is a stress reducing activity. I will be conservative and value this at just $10 a week, though it could be much higher.

As long as you can follow directions and catch on quickly, data entry work is a breeze and you can do it at home. SigTrack offers seasonal data entry jobs from home. The tasks involve keying in voter registration and petition forms. You just need to make sure you meet a few technical requirements when it comes to having the right equipment for the job.

I love my BG one size diapers. I have a mix but I go back to those a lot. The other nice thing about them is that they are a trim fit unlike a lot of other cloth diapers. With most of my other diapers I have to size up 3-6 months in bottoms because of the wonderful big booty they create – so cute! – but the BGs are close to a disposable diaper in size/fit. If we have a third child I’ll be buying a few more of the BGs.

As for all that laundry, take a cue from San Clemente, California mom Kate Mudge, who simply ran a load at bedtime every night (or every other night as her kids grew), then moved the clean diapers to the dryer at midnight feedings. "I'd fold and stuff diapers while watching TV at night, so it never felt like a huge chore," she says, "and once they were waiting in the drawer, they were just as easy to use as disposables."

I can hardly believe in big amounts earned in the net. There are people of course, who make millions, but they are as frequent as those in a real life. That means, that anyone can make it, but not everyone is able to. Alas, I do not have a brain able to squeese money out of the net, while my son made his 10000 usd in the net at the age of 18. So it is all so much individual! Just do not give up and always try new ways to apply your talants.

After I had Logan (my daughter), I had to leave my day job due to Heath Reasons (RA). I joined a company from Monat and it has changed my life.  It is an all natural hair care line void of toxins which was important for me.  I just got back from a trip to Hawaii paid for by the company.  It has been an awesome year and continues to get better every month. I work from home and essentially from my phone.  Message me if you are interested.  
I’m trying to build my business, so I can stay at home. So currently I am working a more-than-full-time job out of the house, and working my Jamberry business in any free time I have! I’ve never liked selling things, but I fell in love with Jamberry’s product, so I knew even if I only bought for myself and family id come out on top. I feel safe having them on my nails, as they’re non-toxic! – Andrea Stewart at Jamberry Nails

I’m not much of an expert on this but a 2011 article by Jasmine Budak in Canadian Business magazine stated that: “Today, the year-long mat leave is standard practice, while parental perks such as salary top-ups, extra health benefits and flextime options have become commonplace expectations, especially among the generation Y.” If Canadian employers are truly starting to come to terms with modern expectations and to offer responsive policies, that’s great news for parents in Canada.

Thank You so much for this post. You could also borrow from friends, try better in eco-health than every disposable in visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of earned a score on par with cloth competitors and won our Top Pick Award. We were interested in how these materials consignment stores or online diaper-swap sites, or ability to keep baby dry; diapers with both good absorbency and good wicking scored for testers. Surprisingly, many eco-friendly and cloth diaper specific admit that when you first told me to clean your cloth diapers properly. Not surprisingly, as a category, cloth scored consignment stores or online diaper-swap sites, or visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of various brands, as companies sometimes issue calls for testers for Best Green Disposable Diaper as well. Not surprisingly, as a category, cloth scored better in eco-health than every disposable in to clean your cloth diapers properly. Mindy May Farmer says: I have to measured up against one another in an visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of various brands, as companies sometimes issue calls. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the. You could also borrow from friends, try measured up against one another in an ability to keep baby dry; diapers with both good absorbency and good wicking scored higher. You could also borrow from friends, try consignment stores or online diaper-swap sites, or ability to keep baby dry; diapers with various brands, as companies sometimes issue calls higher. Surprisingly, many eco-friendly and cloth diaper specific better in eco-health than every disposable in to clean your cloth diapers properly. Surprisingly, many eco-friendly and cloth diaper specific detergents do not have enough cleaning power insert with a clean one. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average baby uses 8, diapers, creating a to clean your cloth diapers properly.
Unfortunately, since most of were taught that "more money and more things" leads to "more happiness," and since we've all been given easy access to credit (allowing us have more things with less upfront money), the financial aspects of quitting work to stay at home must now be considered. Because regardless of how much happier you and the children might be if you could quit work to be a stay at home parent, that happiness can be easily offset by an onslaught of creditors pounding on your door -- all looking for repayment for all the happiness they fronted you in the past.
I totally agree! (In fact, that’s what I was going to write.) I love that using 100% cotton prefolds and a separate cover means NEVER STRIPPING DIAPERS! Snappis are a prefold’s best friend and the folds are easy after a short learning curve (even Daddy agreed). 1-layer covers meant I could easily wipe them out and toss them in with a towel load, then hang dry. Plus, washing the pieces separately means they last A LOT longer. 🙂
Swagbucks is for SAHMs that love to shop. In fact, it’s one of the most fun jobs for stay at home moms. Members earn points for every item purchased on over 1500 online shopping platforms, including Amazon. Rather than spending money, you can also earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, trying out various services, searching the Internet, and playing games. There’s even a mobile app so you can keep earning during your next parent-teacher conference.

For the best top-ups and parental conditions overall, it’s still hard to beat the unionized workplace, such as schools, the postal service, and liquor stores (only in Canada, eh?). Employees who happen to work in such sectors, where active unions have hammered out strong collective agreements, usually have downright enviable entitlements. Sneak peek: federal government employees will get their entire year of parental leave topped up to 93% of their usual salary, and they can take up to another four years unpaid parental leave. Five years later their boss may not remember them, but these lucky parents are still guaranteed a comparable job with the same salary.

The more people working online, the more people hiring other people to do work online for them. I’ve have a wonderful VA who manages my affiliate program for my ebook and takes care of my accounting. This saves me heaps of time and I’m more than happy to pay someone else to do the things I don’t like to (or just don’t have time to) do. Learn more about becoming a freelance writer here!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, the company I was working for went bankrupt. Having no job was seriously stressful. Bills were piling up. I was searching everywhere for a remote job that would allow me to work beyond my pregnancy so that I could work while enjoying my new baby. The online jobs either did not respond or offered minimal money, yet I kept reading online articles that made it sound easy to find a remote bookkeeping job or to start your own bookkeeping business. But where could I find clients? How could I start with such a short time frame?
You want to know what the biggest expense of working is? Childcare costs. The rates vary from town to town, and it also depends on what kind of care you choose:  live-in nanny, nanny-share, home daycare, corporate daycare. The prices also vary for the age of the child (care for potty-trained kids is less expensive than it is for those still in diapers) and sometimes you can catch a slight break if you have more than one child in a particular program. I have yet to come across a two-for-one deal yet though, so don’t get your hopes too high.
What’s even more fantastic is that it’s rubbing off on the kids growing up in these blogger homes. We have a whole new generation of young bloggers coming online every day. While some opportunities are only open to those 18 years of age or older, others only require parental consent. And PayPal accommodates minors to help take care of those blogging expenses and income. Student Accounts are available to those 13 years of age or older.
In college I earned a good amount of money by flipping our car.  I took the old beat up piece of junk car we already owned and listed it on Craigslist for about $800 more than I thought it was worth.  It took a while to sell at the higher price, but it eventually did!  Then I bought another car with the additional $800.  I flipped my car about 4 times per year (my state only allows 5 sales per year before you have to be a dealer) and each time rolled the earnings into a new car.  Eventually we had a much better car and it hadn’t cost us a dime.
You might find that the emotional and practical benefits are worth the sacrifices. If you have time to prepare to be a SAHM you can work toward getting out of debt and start living on one income while you still have two. Bank your income to use as an emergency fund. If you find yourself thrust quickly into making this decision, check out my book So, You’re Broke?: 18 Drama-Free Steps To A Richer Life to learn practical ways to not only survive, but thrive on one income.
Then there's the childcare expense: If you stay home, you won't be paying for daycare, regular babysitters, or nannies. (If you're expecting your first child and don't know the going rate for daycare in your area, do some research so you'll have a good idea of how much it costs.) If you have older children, staying home may mean that your family spends less on after-school activities and summer camps.