"So many women want to find balance," says Susie Romans, online business coach and author of "Leaving 9-5." Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO of iRelaunch, recommends people looking to re-enter the workforce consider strengths and previous job experience while reconnecting with others who knew you when you worked. "Figure out exactly what you want to do," Cohen adds.

I work full time, and my husband and I recently rearranged schedules so he can be home during the day. It’s pretty great, and while I got to take six months for maternity leave, he never really got that chunk of time. Well, now he does. And so, of course I want to experiment with the cloth diapers and use him as a guinea pig. I swear, my husband is a saint and I’m not trying to make him cry. Mostly I’m looking to save a few bucks and you know, try to destroy the environment a little less.
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Your blog is very inspiring! Am currently in EBA 3.0 and I need for this to work. LOL! I been a SAHM for years and recently became a school bus driver to earn money and the schedule works around the kids for the most part. But the Hubby’s schedule is changing in Jan. and I have to make this work. Thanks so much all the freebies and inspiring stories.
Traveling Vineyard – Pop open opportunity and get ready to change your life one cork at a time. The only real requirement of this job: being awesome. It helps if you like wine, too. Other than that, the rest is easy peasy. Maybe you’re looking for a little extra spending money. Or maybe you just need a reason to get out of the house. Your reason for becoming a rock star Wine Guide is up to you. But the opportunity is all yours—all $30 billion of it. You ready? Let’s rock this dream.
CloudSource, the work-at-home division of Sutherland Global Services, employs customer service consultants from all 48 contiguous states to support industry leaders in the cable/Internet service, retail, software, and gaming console industries. While all CloudSource positions are customer service in nature, some are more heavily focused on sales and/or technical support. Inbound calls only, paid training, ongoing support and growth opportunities exist … All from the comforts of your own home.
This is so true! I am not a single mother but both me and my partner are university students with a child, now 4 years old. We have been on social assistance, we have daycare subsidy which is being gradually cut. It is extremely frustating to even keep those. The only way we have managed for the past 4 years is because my parents bring in some food once in a while so we can reduce our food costs. We accumulate clothes from family and friends for our daughter so we don't have to shop. Being in University full-time is vry stressful but up until now it has been our only source of income - OSAP. This year they cancelled my OSAP. My partner had to drop university because he still has a previous loan to payoff and it was getting too expensive, I haven't been able to pay my tuition and are already acumulating interest on my tuition fee... I'm on my 4th year, I was going to go for an extra year to do my thesis but I guess I won't be able to. Have no clue how I will be able to pay this year.. And the problem is here in Ontario as much as there is great help, this help comes with strings attached and often it traps you in a very hopless situation. Some of the eligibiliy criteria for some assistance is just unrealistic and prevents you from moving forward, for example I have not been able to volunteer in my field (which I need to apply for thesis, masters or get a paid job for that matter) because daycare subsidy simply will not accept volunteer work, online school or anything other than full-time university or a job that pays you min. wage and gives you 30hr per week (Mon-Fri) weekends don't count. When you have very little experience, and can't work after 5 or on weekends... a job that meets that criteria (and is not cash job) simply is unrealistic! This year I'm seeing 4 hard working years going down the drain...

Hi Alexa, I just want to thank you sincerely for this article – it was such a breath of relief for me (in a BIG way)! I own a small business and am due soon and was hoping for a way to seek out an at-home supplemental income but was only landing on continual scams (and that’s from someone who considers themself a thorough researcher). Again, I cannot thank you enough for all the legitimate links and sources (finally!). I’ll certainly be sharing this article.
The most important thing to remember is that while yes, cloth diapers can be better for your baby’s skin and are most definitely better for the environment, they aren’t the be all end all of diapering options. Much like the breastfeeding vs. formula feeding debate, there is no one right way to diaper your child.  The most important thing is making sure that they are in fact diapered, and that they are kept as clean as babies can be. As long as that is the case, it doesn’t matter whether you use disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or let your kids go commando when they’re at home.
Some things are worth way more then any amount of money. Regardless of what the world tells us we can’t have everything. I don’t believe you can be the best possible parent and work a full time job. I also don’t believe you can reach your full career potential and stay at home. Something has to give, and unfortunately when it comes down to it most people choose their career over their children (bring on the flames).