Okay, so as you can see I’m thrilled with Toosha’s diapers! I highly recommend checking out her shop on Etsy! Patterns and diapers vary based on the fabric she’s working with and custom orders are available. Want a military diaper, done, a Superman diaper, done. Ask away and get beautiful custom fluff creations. Like her page on Facebook for updates, giveaways, and fun! 

If you are like I was and only have high school, your job prospects will be limited, especially if working evenings and weekends are an issue. Even "some university" is really the same as "no university" when it comes to potential employers, trust me. I've been to enough interviews to realize this. If you have family or friends close by that can help out, make sure you find out specifically what they are willing to help you out with. Are they ok with watching your kids if you need to work weekends? Do you have 2 extra back-up sitters or help when they can't take care of them? What is the daycare situation like? Are your children happy there?
I used Motherease brand with both of my kids. We used basic flat newborn diapers folded into a one-size Motherease cover for the first couple of months, then switched to Motherease one-size diapers in their covers. As they grew older, we added some Motherease snap-in inserts for extra absorbency. It was a great system for us, grandparents included, and after using them with both kids I sold them for about 1/3 of what I paid for them. The extra laundry just became part of our routine, the diapers and snaps were super durable, and I’m another who really enjoyed seeing the diapers hanging on the line to dry. Looking back I have fond memories of my kids “helping” with diaper laundry, having a picnic under the drying diapers, and knowing that it was the right choice for us.
Stella & Dot – Run your own fashion social selling business. Stella & Dot is so much more than a fashion brand – we are inspired by, and created for, strong women just like you! We designed a smart, stylish business that works when you do. Plus, Stella & Dot is more than just a company – it's a community. At Stella & Dot, success is defined by your happiness. It’s your business, your pace, your way.
For wet diapers, which is about 95% of the diapers you change for a non-newborn, you simply open your diaper pail and shake the insert out into it, then drop the outer pants in, where they stay until you’re ready to do laundry. (We use the same diaper pail as we did when we used disposables, just with a waterproof laundry bag as a liner instead of a plastic garbage bag.) For soiled diapers, you shake whatever you can into the toilet. For a toddler, this is the easiest thing in the world since everything is kind of solid anyway. For a non-solid-eating baby, there’s often nothing really solid enough to shake, and you can honestly just rinse off the worst of the muck in the sink or give the diaper a quick dunk in the toilet — don’t soak it, that’ll amp up the smell in your pail. Or just toss it in the pail as-is, if you plan to wash it relatively soon. For babies somewhere in between, you can buy a diaper sprayer that hooks up to your toilet, or flushable liners that catch the solids BEFORE they hit the diaper. (I bought some, haven’t used ’em yet, since we’re still mostly breastfeeding, topped with a couple teaspoons of sweet potatoes or cereal.)
WAHM Cloth Diapers My journey from old fashioned to modern WAHM cloth diapers How I Became a Cloth Diaper WAHM. Hi, my name is Amy Sue Nogar and I'm the work at home mom (WAHM) behind Zany Zebra Designs. The Search for the Best Cloth Diapers. Overview; Ratings; Price vs. Value Chart; From eco-friendliness, to comfort for baby, and convenience for mom, there are many different factors to consider. all this into account when testing these 15 diaper systems to help sift through the products and find the one that will work best for you. Lazy Mom’s Guide to Cloth Diapering By Amalah. Cloth Diapers Dear Amy, How do Cloth Diapers Work? But! Fine. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details: How do they work? Do you have to train them how to do this and do they accept it? I am not a stay at home mom, and love the idea of not disposable diapers, but am not sure how. 

I created my own niche after my divorce last year by learning Google Adwords and now handle my own accounts and do contract work for a local digital marketing agency. I set up accounts and rehab / optimize existing ones. Adwords is a platform built for the small solo operator AND big corporations, so there is a lot within the dashboard to sort & sift through. I basically assist small local service businesses get set up right so they don’t continue to lose money. Plus I offer interactive lessons (not something many people do out there at all). Google Adwords is huge and growing (partly how Google makes its BILLIONS). If you love data analysis, marketing in general, writing on point & creative ad copy, and simply LEARNING, the opportunities are there for TRUE self-starters. You also have to have super attention to detail with spelling, etc. I don’t have a college degree, mind you, but was hungry to learn it all. I am at heart a teacher and helper (and have always been geared towards marketing). I have owned my own little businesses as a house cleaner and professional organizer and then segued into Adwords (after building my own cleaning & organizing campaigns). Did so after I had my 2nd boy in 10/2015 and one in K at the time. I had to find a way to work from home because the chaos of meeting the school bus and dropping off and picking up at the sitter was getting a little crazy. 🙂 I recommend looking into Adwords. You can even get certified. That is my next goal.
When I was pregnant with my first baby, the company I was working for went bankrupt. Having no job was seriously stressful. Bills were piling up. I was searching everywhere for a remote job that would allow me to work beyond my pregnancy so that I could work while enjoying my new baby. The online jobs either did not respond or offered minimal money, yet I kept reading online articles that made it sound easy to find a remote bookkeeping job or to start your own bookkeeping business. But where could I find clients? How could I start with such a short time frame?
Hi Valerie, There are many different side hustles to choose from. If you have a specific interest in one and there is not already information to help you get started on the site, I can create it so please let us know. As far as scams go, this post will tell you about a few you need to watch out for: https://singlemomsincome.com/top-work-at-home-scams/
Working full-time at home isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires focus, discipline, motivation, and an ability to fight through the day-to-day isolation. It takes a certain personality to love it and thrive at it. But of the work-at-home warriors out there, there is a select group of which I am constantly in awe. Work-at-home moms who are also caring for young children full time. These are the parents who are genuinely trying to “have it all,” all at once, difficulties or not.
I do have a partner who has his high school diploma and works full time but I on the other do not. I have been in and out of school forever taking my time but never giving up. I WAS just working for a couple of months on minimum wage when child care subsidy mailed me a letter stating they were lowering what they were going to help us with for child care and that my parent portion would go up. Thus making it worthless spending the time away from my 6yr old son and 1.5yr old daughter at a job I was not enjoying. I would have been working for nothing and the daycare getting very little of what they deserved.
Good post. You have really motivated me to open a blog and start writing. I will put a lot of these money earning tips into practice. Although I have been writing and posting articles about paid surveys on my blog, unfortunately I am not making much to even maintain the blog. It is just a waste of time. I will try to go through these sites you listed here to know which topic to stick with. Thanks
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Thank you for your unselfish ideas and suggestions. It’s really a big help for people who wished but hesitant to jump in this kind of career, like me. I am a single mom, as in literal single/alone in all responsibilities. I wished to work from home so that I will no longer leave my daughter to our neighbors house when I need to go to work, but I am afraid to leave my current job and risk to a home base job for I think of the stability. I am afraid to put my financial responsibilities at risk, specially I have a child to support.
I started a business with four other moms and our teenage daughters – in order to teach them about business, marketing, fiscal responsibilities and in order to empower them with the confidence that they could help contribute tuition money for college. Christian Bling (www.ctbling.com) is now in 27 states with 150 Consultants after just a couple years. Our consultants sell hand-crafted faith-based jewelry made in Atlanta by struggling moms. The method is called social selling, and it combines home shows, social media, events, exhibitions, blogging, Business-to-business, fundraisers and networking. Christian Bling is retiring nurses, teachers and hairdressers (to name a few). Minimal start up cost is $199 for 7 pieces of jewelry (retail $600+). Visit our website to feel inspired to start your own jewelry with Christian Bling!
3. At the end of the day we bring home the bag of dirty diapers.  I take the dirty ones out of the bag and put them in our even larger wet bag at home.  The daycare workers close up the dirties like they would a disposable.  We don’t ask them to fasten laundry tabs or pull out inserts.  If there are any number 2 diapers I try to spray them off immediately with the diaper sprayer attached to our toilet.
Third, I needed support. We all need support! And sometimes that support means my (awesome) hubby sprays the diapers while I’m still putting the baby to bed. Or sometimes it means he knows I’m doing diaper laundry that night, so he’ll dump in most of the diapers and fill the prewash but leave it open so I can just throw in the poopy diapers after I spray them. Sometimes support comes in the form of older siblings helping you stuff diapers or having a mom or mother in law who loves you enough to put diapers away when they come to babysit for the evening. Having the support of your family, whether immediate or extended, is important for any big parenting decision- cloth included.
As a fellow Canadian and mom of two girls, I can say the Canadian maternity system is really wonderful. As the author mentioned all mothers have to meet criteria in order to be eligible – mainly contributing to EI (employment insurance) for a certain period of time. All employers deduct this while you’re working, so you have to have contributed otherwise you will not be eligible. The same goes for fathers. 50 weeks are offered, 15 of these weeks are specifically for the mother to recover from child birth. The remaining 35 weeks can be split between the mother and father. It’s a great opportunity for families to come together after the birth of a child. Since 35 weeks of Parental leave has been enshrined into law for a number of years now, it is more common for new dads to take some of this time off and most employers are fine with it. As for coming back after being off for a year? It’s really not as hard as it sounds, and because employers know when you’re coming back it’s often well planned out. Most employers end up hiring a person on contract to fill your position for the year you’re off – it’s a great way to get you’re foot in the door if you’re looking for a job. Plus if you decide not to come back after maternity,the contract person often gets first crack at the job. There is no caveat if you don’t go back, but you will have just used up all you EI so you won’t be eligible for those benefits.
There are a lot of hard parts. When you work from home people assume you have all of the time in the world and that you have nothing to do. So you should be able to help with all of the things they need or can’t do because they have to go to work. Which is farthest from the truth… I got way more accomplished when I had a job away from home. The kids are also home all day so the house is always a mess, they aren’t making a mess at the daycare that somebody else cleans. I went from what I thought was a tough corporate job to a pretty simple/easy work from home job. I was surprised at how way more difficult it was to be a work/stay at home mom. – Summer Price
If you don't learn to keep your roles as mom and businesswoman separate, giving each your full concentration for a set amount of time, you'll never feel like you're doing either well. To separate mentally from the rest of the house, set up a private office area, recommends Lauren Kohl, an attorney and mom of two in Newton, Massachusetts. She works out of a converted closet, a kid-free zone that helps her to detach from the rest of her house. If she can't see the dirty rompers in the hamper, she's less inclined to leave her desk to launder them, she says. Plus, it helps you disengage from your job if you have a door to close. If you don't have an office, try making a list of everything you're going to do the next day, leave it in your work space, and walk away. "You're doing something to turn work off," says Durst.
Yes our taxes are outlandish. That is putting it mildly. We pay 50 % or more of every dollar earned back in taxes. Starting with income tax. Then we pay CPP for our Canadian pension, then EI in case you loose your job. (you don’t get to collect Employment insurance if your fired or quit)Then we pay 13 % on every purchase we make in retail sales tax, including on a new home(that are not cheap either in Canada)then we pay 2 X more for gas (taxes built in) and basically 2 to 4 x more for everything we purchase compared to what it is sold for in the US. Even products made in Canada are sold much cheaper in the USA. All liquor stores are owned and operated by our government, so every penny over the cost of it is tax to the government for these surfaces. As a male with no children, I pay for this lady to have her kids and put them thru school. Her number 7 point hits me the worst. There is no such thing as free healthcare. We pay through the nose for it, but it is just above mediocre. If you need a hernia operation you will have to wait four years for one for example, but only two for a complete sex change operation paid for by tax payers. I lived in the USA for 22 years and you are way better off down there. I went back which I regret, and now I pay 4500 more a year just to fuel my car. Tires cost twice as much, etc. So the cost of living in the USA way offsets your cost to purchase your healthcare. Now judging by this ladies last name, I kind doubt she was born here, and so she may actually get free healthcare, until her taxes finally offset it. But not with what she already cost the taxpayer. 3 C sections, etc. Her taxed earnings will never catch up to the burden.
This is a no-brainer. To maximize efficiency, you have to make the most of every available moment. "If I'm waiting for a conference call, I'll pay some bills online, start planning my family's meals for the week or give the room a quick tidy up," says work-from-home mom Kristi from Miami, Florida. "This has actually made me more productive in all areas of my life. And when I do get the chance to sit down in the evening and relax, I can do so knowing I've achieved a lot during my working hours." 

If you're ready to get serious about making money from home, now's the time to get started! Over the course of my work at home career, I've found numerous ways to bring in extra cash and save money, as well as a number of home business opportunities that can be started on a budget. This is a list of those resources. I'll continue to add to this list. Explore … Read More

I rarely saw posts about cloth diapering mommas who worked outside the home.  Upon this revelation, I began actively seeking out information on full-time working mothers who CD'd, and was discouraged at the themes that kept popping up. The comment from these gals I unfortunately came across time and time again was, if you are not a full-time mother or work-from-home-mom, you cannot cloth diaper for an extended amount of time.  I'd see posts like, "I tried, but it's just not possible", "Too much laundry, not enough time", "I gave it a shot, but seriously ladies, it's not worth the effort I put into it for as long as I did", or even, "Cloth diapering and working outside the home are like the combination of oil and water - they just don't mix".  Really?  So I shouldn't even give it a try?

Evaluating your energy bank is a little harder, since you’ll be trying to figure out how much focus and brain power you really have left over to dedicate to paying work. If you don’t have much, look for a job that has easy, repetitive tasks. If your energy levels are pretty steady even under new mom stress, look for something invigorating and a little more challenging to keep your brain engaged.
Maybe you just want to get out of the house for a few hours to make some spending money, or get a discount at a store you shop at often. If that's the case, a part-time job in retail could be great for you. The pay isn't necessarily amazing and the job might not be particularly satisfying, but the flexibility and the you time you get could be exactly what you need.
You noticed in my example that by me working, it put us in a higher income tax bracket. Keep in mind, when figuring your cost of working, that some people qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Often, when mommy goes back to work, the family no longer qualifies for this substantial credit. So, if you are one of these people, make sure you factor in the loss of this benefit as well.
Hello! I’m an independent consultant with Rodan + Fields, a premium skincare line from creators of ProActive. What Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields did for acne, they are now doing for sun damage, adult acne, sensitive skin, and the biggie…anti-aging! R+F just launched into Canada last fall and we are headed into Australia in 2016. If two billionaire doctors offered you the opportunity to join them in business AND be a part of the #4 premium skincare company in the US what would you say? I would love to talk with you!
Get creative when managing the soiled diapers: Several diaper companies make great washable bags to store the soiled diapers between laundering cycles and on outings.  One family told me that after their little one started solids, the smell began to pervade their home. They moved the diaper bin (a conventional covered diaper can will do) out to the back porch and now the air is fresh again. As for the poop: some parents are very comfortable scraping off the stool and rinsing the soiled diaper in the toilet.  For those who would like to stay a little further from the action, a simple spray bottle with water and a bit of baby shampoo works great.  And for the high-tech and really poop-averse family, you can buy spray handles that attach to the toilet’s water system!
Etsy charges a twenty-cent listing fee per item and keeps a modest 3.5 percent of your sales. In return, you get a non-hassle storefront, and all your billing handled. The most significant benefit to using Etsy, though, is that it’s a well-known online destination already. That means you don’t need to worry about spending all your time hunting for buyers.
After I got a handle on all the different fabrics, styles and options I had to try making them myself. Although cloth diapers save money in the long run, they do require an initial investment, and I wanted to save money by sewing my own. I started out with two yards of hemp fabric, one yard of pul, some touchtape (like velcro) and one pattern. Soon I had to try another pattern, then another, and another. Although I liked the diapers I was making from the patterns, they just didn't fit my chubby-thighed Zach right, leaving red marks across his legs. I found directions on drafting your own cloth diaper pattern online and created my own pattern, making sample diapers and tweaking the pattern until I had the fit I wanted.
Please, can you let me know what your great online job is? I have been combing the internet for a legitimate job now for quite a while and I come up empty-handed most of the time. I am a fast typist (62 WPM), but have found that you need to either know how to translate or transcribe. I have a hearing problem, so sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what is being said in a recording, especially if the person talks fast. Thanks
Stay at home, homeschooling mom of 4. My husband does a great job of supporting our family but I’ve become an independent distributor for 2 or 3 companies that we just love their products! My favorite for a home business would probably be Lilla Rose since the products are something almost any woman/girl can use and the company support is so great. – Tyra Whitlow at Lilla Rose
When a new baby arrives, young couples face a decision. If both parents work, who should stay home with the child? The mother? The person with the smallest salary? Or should both parents continue to work? Often this decision is about more than money — personal values may determine the best course of action. But sometimes both parents continue to work because they believe they need the income.
Running errands and other odd jobs. Users of TaskRabbit.com post any task they need help with, ranging from data entry to delivering balloons from a shop to a home. TaskRabbits bid for the jobs and get paid upon completion. I have hired a “Rabbit” to deliver a truck full of diapers to a charity event. My friend Lynn hired a tech-savvy Rabbit to create a themed playlist for a baby shower. If you can handle doing someone’s grocery shopping while you do your own, this could be for you.

Let me first start out by saying that my heart goes out to you if you are a single parent who has little if any choice as to whether or not you can afford to be a stay at home parent. Sadly, with half of all marriages ending in divorce (many caused by disagreements over those little pieces of paper we refer to as "money"), my heart is going out to a lot of people.

By this time I had more diapers than Zach needed, but loved creating them so much I couldn't stop. There were so many adorable fabrics just begging me to make them into a cloth diapers. I started trading my cloth diapers for other items so I could keep creating, and got rave reviews from the mamas who received my diapers. When my husband needed to go from full time to half time work so he could student teach I thought it was the perfect time to open my own cloth diapering business. I could share my love for cloth diapers, fulfill my need to create, and help out with the family finances too. Zany Zebra Designs was born! My goal for this business is to provide helpful information and high quality products so you will love using cloth diapers as much as I do!
Phallin Marie makes homemade soap from home to sell in her Etsy shop, www.foursistersfarmsoap.com. Her kiddos help out with packaging orders, cutting tags out for products and the little ones enjoy taking the packages out to the mailman. She shared a few more ways her kids have helped out the family home business, as well as some other ways kiddos can pitch in.
These are two at-home gigs you can work in your spare time even when you’re completely fried (though some will have weekly or monthly minimums). The pay isn’t the best you can do with an at-home gig, but it’s income. Search evaluators will look at search results and rank them for quality and relevancy, and you can look for these gigs at Lionbridge, Appen, and Leapforce.
I disagree for this simplicity method. I’ve tried all cloth diapers, too. By far, prefolds and covers are simplest. Simply stick in a prefold and snap. That is by far the easiest you’re going to get with cloth, otherwise, you’re always stuffing, unstuffing, looking for stuffing. Prefolds and covers with snaps will never let you down. Need extra coverage? Grab another prefold. Done.
For example, the calculator estimates that a 30-year-old woman who began working at age 22, who makes $100,000 and plans to take just five years off from work, could lose more than $1.2 million in income going forward, including $500,000 in lost wages, $424,561 in lost wage growth and $340,590 in lost retirement assets and benefits. Men typically lose more, Madowitz said, because their wages are often higher to begin with. But fewer men take time off to become full-time dads. 

If you can type well and have basic computer skills, you may enjoy being a work from home transcriptionist. Transcribe Me is an online company that offers moms a chance to make money transcribing audio files. These files are generally short in length and are required to be converted into text by typing out what is being said on them.  For other work from home transcription opportunities, check out this post.
Hi, I am a mother of four, as well as a security/safety officer and a small daycare provider.. I have a background in education (worked for local school for about 10yrs) as well as safety (security officer for about 6yrs and took on safety position as an additive about a year and a half ago.). I would really like to be at home with my kids more and with that being said I am interested in data entry or something similar to that…