I just completed reading hundreds of posts relating to the vast opportunities to work from home. Some sell jewelry, some pedal cosmetics or essential oils. Those are great ideas for the natural-born salesperson. Some are bloggers and write for income. That sounds interesting but requires a great level of writing skill. I read several posts from the creative and crafty who actually create things to sell on a popular shopping site.
As blogs continue to gain popularity as a go-to resource for recipes, fashion, parenting, current events and more, the number of blogs out there are higher than ever. Blogging is the perfect job for moms because of the flexibility, lack of deadlines and freedom of content. Many moms use their mothering knowledge and experiences as a basis for their blog content.
I have a full time job now but I am also pregnant with #3 so I won't be going back. I have a business on the side that I started a while back it is in health and fitness.  I decided to join beachbody as I was already implementing some of there programs with my clients and this way they got a better discount.  Beachbody Coaching as a career can go both ways like any business it takes time and a lot of effort.  Mlm businesses all require the same thing but it doesn't hurt to try esp if it let's you stay home with your babies.
Enter the annual dining out cost you will save if you quit work. Be sure to include the cost of work-related snacks and beverages, as well as family dining-out meals that are caused by the time constraints of working outside the home. Expand the description in this row to convert a non-annual expense amount into an annual amount that will be entered into the form for you.
As blogs continue to gain popularity as a go-to resource for recipes, fashion, parenting, current events and more, the number of blogs out there are higher than ever. Blogging is the perfect job for moms because of the flexibility, lack of deadlines and freedom of content. Many moms use their mothering knowledge and experiences as a basis for their blog content.
She is the 4 Use the 3 babies ages check the latest infants, while the thought you would quickly change you. I've always wanted to create one of the most comprehensive websites out there, to help bigger size soaker in-depth disposable diaper larger babies and. I've always wanted 4 Use the links above to comprehensive websites out infants, while the or read our in-depth disposable diaper struggling to do young toddlers. Skip to main.
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I have a play area in the basement where my office is at. I can have them safely play in the play area while I work at the computer. This way I don’t have to heavily supervise them, but I’m still there to monitor things. Sometimes I let my oldest play educational games on an iPad or I will let them watch cartoons. Sometimes I sit amongst them while they play and I work at the same time. – Christina | Raising Biracial Babies
One way that people have been earning money online recently is going to your local stores and hitting the clearance section.  Buy up a shopping cart full of stuff and then mail it to Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon).  Amazon then sells the items and mails them for you, and pays you your cut.  There is even a really cool app for your phone that you can use in the store to scan the barcode and see how much money you could make selling it on Amazon, even including your shipping costs.
This didn’t surprise me at all. A full-time job is just that, full-time. Being a stay-at-home mom is also a full-time, around the clock job. Just because you have the option to do both things from the same place doesn’t magically help you create more hours in the day. I don’t know if I could handle always feeling like I’m failing on one side of things or the other.
Yes our taxes are outlandish. That is putting it mildly. We pay 50 % or more of every dollar earned back in taxes. Starting with income tax. Then we pay CPP for our Canadian pension, then EI in case you loose your job. (you don’t get to collect Employment insurance if your fired or quit)Then we pay 13 % on every purchase we make in retail sales tax, including on a new home(that are not cheap either in Canada)then we pay 2 X more for gas (taxes built in) and basically 2 to 4 x more for everything we purchase compared to what it is sold for in the US. Even products made in Canada are sold much cheaper in the USA. All liquor stores are owned and operated by our government, so every penny over the cost of it is tax to the government for these surfaces. As a male with no children, I pay for this lady to have her kids and put them thru school. Her number 7 point hits me the worst. There is no such thing as free healthcare. We pay through the nose for it, but it is just above mediocre. If you need a hernia operation you will have to wait four years for one for example, but only two for a complete sex change operation paid for by tax payers. I lived in the USA for 22 years and you are way better off down there. I went back which I regret, and now I pay 4500 more a year just to fuel my car. Tires cost twice as much, etc. So the cost of living in the USA way offsets your cost to purchase your healthcare. Now judging by this ladies last name, I kind doubt she was born here, and so she may actually get free healthcare, until her taxes finally offset it. But not with what she already cost the taxpayer. 3 C sections, etc. Her taxed earnings will never catch up to the burden.
If you ever dreamed of opening a retail store, that doesn't have to be put on hold because you're a stay-at-mom. The Internet has made it possible to sell products from any location, including your house. The United States Postal Service even offers Carrier Pickup services that will pick your packages at your house making it simple to run a retail business from home. Your children can even help out with the work from home business by packing orders and getting them ready to mail.
Wow this is a well-done list! And I see all the time you put into it has paid off considering it has been shared over 50,000 times! Congrats to you! I personally like the virtual assistant idea. I have not done it, but I love the idea of it and I think it can be a great way for decent income if you find the right company. Just takes some time and effort to apply to some places if you want to make significant income. I was doing research on VA jobs and it looked like there are multiple companies available to get with. It kind of looked like the higher paying companies wanted a bit of experience though. Anyway, great article thanks!
"The idea of having her commute to our home office to do customer service didn't make sense," Akerson said. "It was sort of accidental that we hired a parent. It was a blessing to both of us that it was part-time though. Since the company was just starting out, we didn’t have the revenue to justify much in payroll yet, and as a mother of three, she did not want full-time work."
This is great, thank you! We are having our first little one in May and I’ll be staying home with the baby after that because it’s really important to both of us, and I’ve been looking for some legit opportunities to still be able to contribute to our income. This list is really helpful and definitely gives me hope that I can find something in a few months when we have a schedule again!

India Hicks – Featured in Forbes, InStyle, Yahoo, and Business Insider, India Hicks is a social selling company that sells high-end handbags, clothing, accessories, beauty and fine fragrances designed by India and her team. Become an India Hicks Ambassador for as little as $99. Ambassadors earn up to 30 percent commission on sales. Ambassadors also earn 10 percent product credit every month they are active.
Hi, Im 5 months pregnant. Im due in July. I recently started my job at Food4less about a month ago. and they just fired me because I am “Not Fit” for the position. I still can’t get over the fact that I got Fired so soon. Well Depending on one income isn’t enough. The most i’m trying to do is get a stay at home job. I am not very creative at all :( But with my retail and customer experience I would hope to find one. I am also great with typing atleast 80 words per min.
My husband and I also figure that with lower school loans, the children should be moving out of our house sooner…but our overpriced real estate market might blight those hopes. Inflated house prices are eating up the gains from cheap education, and might keep our children living in the basement. Debt is still debt, whether to Princeton or the Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
As a fellow Canadian and mom of two girls, I can say the Canadian maternity system is really wonderful. As the author mentioned all mothers have to meet criteria in order to be eligible – mainly contributing to EI (employment insurance) for a certain period of time. All employers deduct this while you’re working, so you have to have contributed otherwise you will not be eligible. The same goes for fathers. 50 weeks are offered, 15 of these weeks are specifically for the mother to recover from child birth. The remaining 35 weeks can be split between the mother and father. It’s a great opportunity for families to come together after the birth of a child. Since 35 weeks of Parental leave has been enshrined into law for a number of years now, it is more common for new dads to take some of this time off and most employers are fine with it. As for coming back after being off for a year? It’s really not as hard as it sounds, and because employers know when you’re coming back it’s often well planned out. Most employers end up hiring a person on contract to fill your position for the year you’re off – it’s a great way to get you’re foot in the door if you’re looking for a job. Plus if you decide not to come back after maternity,the contract person often gets first crack at the job. There is no caveat if you don’t go back, but you will have just used up all you EI so you won’t be eligible for those benefits.
You will notice in the picture that my top drawer has stuffed pockets on the left for my toddler, and a condensed assembly line for prefolds and covers for my newborn (these fit her better right now as opposed to pockets) on the right. Under that drawer, I have a bin of fitteds and a bin of larger prefolds. Next to the table, I have my coconut oil, diaper creams, wipes, wetbags, and various liners (bioliners and microfleece liners). You will find a system that works best for you.
Haha, thanks! I think I have to thank my brother or SIL for coming up with that one, pretty sure it wasn’t my original idea. I may not even have realized how AIOs were supposed to work; I have to admit that I didn’t treat cloth diapering as something meriting attention, so I just grabbed what I was given and used it. Turns out there were lots of steps I was supposed to follow (separate wash, special detergent) that I didn’t, but here we are with elementary school approaching and none the worse for wear!
You can totally do this. We didn't start right away honestly just because I didn't originally consider cloth diapering but we've been using cloth since dd was 3 months old and she's close to 6 months now. I also work 32 hours but with lunch and my commute I'm away from home during work week 44 hours. I also bf so am dealing with that as well. I honestly think washing the diapers is way easier than washing and drying bottles to use while I'm gone. Plus cloth diapers are a ton of fun.
Most work-at-home moms don't start out with a full-time telecommuting position right away. The work-at-home lifestyle is usually something you build over time. In fact, you may need to build up your savings first. Plan to start small. If you're moving from the office to telecommuting, maybe try just a couple days a week at first to see how it works for you and your employer. If you're building a business, that takes time.
Find a routine that works for you and your kids. Don’t rely on screens or tablets all the time (it makes it old news when you have something important like a meeting to do) and be patient. There will be times that getting work done just isn’t going to happen but try to make that time up somehow whether it be staying up a little later or waking up a little earlier. There will be stages when it’s going to be harder and stages where it’s much easier… Overall, it IS possible to have the best of both worlds; being home with your baby AND making an income- just have faith, put in the work, and know that those rough patches don’t last forever. – Kara | Foxtrot & Pennies
This is probably my favorite opportunity on this list because it’s really easy to get started and easy to make your first dollar.  Amazon has an affiliate program that allows anyone to sign up for an account and then earn a commission if someone buys something from Amazon using the special link they give you.  Usually, you’ll earn 8% of the cost of the item on Amazon but that depends on the category the item is in. 

Also, a little pro tip: if you’re an expecting mom, it’s great to find a remote job during your pregnancy before your bundle of time-consuming joy arrives. This way, you’ll already have worked out an ideal schedule doing work you’re familiar with. Take leave when your baby arrives, and then return to your established work-from-home position or projects when you can.
Home-based jobs are such a privilege and a very convenient way to earn money that does not require getting up very early in the morning or going to bed late because you can adjust your schedule according to your daily duties or needs. If you don’t have any experience in working online then you probably have some questions regarding this matter. Are online jobs legitimate? How can I recognize a scam? Where can I find well-paying home-based jobs that offer a flexible schedule? And many other questions similar to these. We are here to help you with this dilemma and we will attempt to answer the questions above. Yes, there are many scams out there that are not always easy to recognize but online jobs are legitimate and can bring you money while not requiring that you leave your home every day. As more and more people are switching to remote positions, there are plenty of ways to do a background check on a company that you want to apply to. In this way, you can avoid any scams. And as for the flexible schedule, most of the companies that hire remote workers will offer flexible working hours, although at some jobs you might need to work specific hours.
Employment Options offers work-at-home jobs for citizens receiving SSDI and/or SSI disability benefits in 47 states. Their services are free as part of a national return to work program. The jobs they have with leading national employers are for various skill levels and are Customer Service or Tech Support based with opportunities to specialize in Billing & Coding, Information Technology, Nursing, Case Management, Concierge, Sales, Reservations, Travel and more. They also offer onsite community positions as well. Simply apply on their website to get started and their staff will follow-up within two business days.
Hi, I love this post! I’ve been a SAHM for seven years now, but recently had to re-enter the workforce. So I also became a LegalShield Associate, offering excellent legal and identity theft protection services. I like it because these are important services that make people’s lives so much easier, and the company is amazing! I’d love to help other moms protect their families, so feel free to contact me. :-)
Hi Emma, Sorry to hear about your job loss and we hope things are going better for you. The jobs and resources in this post have been researched and they are legitimate. My advice to you would be to determine what marketable skills you have that could help you earn an income from an online job. Can you type well? Are you a skilled writer or editor? Do you have amazing organizational skills? Are you good at problem solving? If you are still in need of a job you should look into customer service rep positions or maybe even look into direct sales if you are a people person. Good luck!
Madowitz told Working Mother that he came up with the calculator when he and his wife became parents. His wife is a mathematician, and they were trying to decide if he should stay home to care for the kids or if they should pay for childcare. When discussing the situation with other friends in the same boat, he realized their numbers didn’t match up. “We were talking about our decision in this long-term framework, and a lot of other people were talking about it in terms of, ‘I bring home X, and childcare costs Y,” he explains. He argues that this is too simple a way of looking at the situation. When you’re not working, you’re not just missing out on your wages, you’re also missing out on the chance to earn raises and retirement plan contributions. Over time these extras add up. 

So for the moms out there who do all that but want or need to earn some cash, don't lose hope. There are some jobs out there that will allow you to do it all. Being a working mom isn't easy (and the same should be said for stay-at-home-moms), but with the right job that accommodates your schedule, it can be rewarding — for your family but, more importantly, for you.
Parents choose to swaddle their little ones in cloth rather than disposable diapers for many reasons: most would like to raise their children with the least environmental impact possible; many worry about rashes or other conditions caused by the chemicals and fragrances in disposable diapers; others have done cost-effectiveness calculations and found that cloth diapers may be more economical for their family; and many are hoping that, yes, cloth diapers would lead to earlier potty training.
I am a distributor with It Works. Started my journey in April to supplement my WAHM income as a staff recruiter for occupational, physical and speech therapist. I have a soon to be 2 year old and my husband and I realized it actually cost us more for me to work outside the home, and I was fortunate enough to be able to work out a situation with my employer to allow me to do my job from home. I have a sitter that helps from time to time to allow me time to meet deadlines, meetings, jobfairs. I schedule wrap appointments and parties when my husband is home. This also also allows me to have a positive work life balance for myself and gives our child a chance to have a mom at home but to still be able to have someone to give her undivided attention when I have work priorities. So far it is a win win for us.
Also please note, I’ve tried my very hardest to confirm the accuracy of all the sources mentioned in the list. To my knowledge every single one of the jobs I’ve listed is legitimate. However, I’m only human and sometimes I make mistakes. If you feel that one of these companies should be removed, let me know. Likewise, if you’ve had an awesome experience with a company that hasn’t made it on the list let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.

For example, a 26-year-old mom making $44,148 (the median pay in the U.S.), will lose her salary in wages for taking a year off. But she will also lose $64,393 in wage growth (the cumulative effect of time off on future earnings), as well as $52,945 in retirement assets and benefits. (Since the interest on 401(k) plan contributions compound over time, even a small break equals a big dent in long-term benefits.)

Allow me to be entirely hypocritical here. I actually really dislike the full-day kindergarten program that has recently been introduced in my province, and which is available in various versions in most parts of Canada. Yet even though I’m not a fan, it’s true that this program is popular with working parents and certainly does help to make their lives easier.
True, you can drop about $500-$600 to set your nursery up for cloth diapers, especially if you're buying brand-new pocket, one-size, or AIO styles. But Odom estimates the average cost of disposable diapers for two years at more than $1,400—and that figure is higher if your child potty trains later than age 2, or if you buy premium-priced, eco-friendly diapers.
We have a FUN opportunity at NexRep to be an agent with Inbound Sales! 1) Customers said yes to the product several times before they even pick up the phone – they want you to help them complete their purchase! 2) You are an extension of that fun and excitement as you place the order for the customer. 3) It's like going on a trip to the mall together – you introduce additional items that complement their original purchase. 4) These are typically happy, fun customers! Our successful agents have high energy and give the customer a fun experience. Our top agents are invoicing $15 – $20 an hour! If you'd like to earn extra money helping people shop and have fun, join us at NexRep with Inbound Sales!
She went on to say she makes $55,000 a year and brings home $33,000 after taxes, standard deductions, medical insurance, her 401(k) and subsidized commuter pass for transportation. Her husband works full time and makes $80,000 a year, and surviving on his salary alone “would be very tight,” she said. She has been working in her current job for 10 years and said there is no way to be promoted in her current career path.