Deanne Akerson: As a maternity and breastfeeding apparel brand, our customers are moms. Our team of work-from-home-moms are uniquely positioned to deliver an incredible customer experience simply because they’re moms themselves, and they understand the needs of our customers perfectly! They know what it’s like to be pregnant, breastfeeding, sleep-deprived, because they have been there so recently themselves. This is a benefit to the company in so many ways; from knowing what kind of content creation to focus on, what new apparel products to make next, and how to interact on social media. It simply makes sense to employ work-from home moms who are also experiencing the same crazy, beautiful life stage as our customers. 

A little bit ago i started selling nerium as an income supplement. Ive been having amazing luck with it and the best part if that i can do it with 3 kids! I dont have to host parties in order to suceed or go anywhere. I am due now in 3 months with a little boy and my goal is to have nerium and a side sewing business that can make me more than i make now working 10 hrs a week. This post helped a lot because there are alot of scams out there on working from home. Its messy business!
In college I earned a good amount of money by flipping our car.  I took the old beat up piece of junk car we already owned and listed it on Craigslist for about $800 more than I thought it was worth.  It took a while to sell at the higher price, but it eventually did!  Then I bought another car with the additional $800.  I flipped my car about 4 times per year (my state only allows 5 sales per year before you have to be a dealer) and each time rolled the earnings into a new car.  Eventually we had a much better car and it hadn’t cost us a dime.
I absolutely love this blog. I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s ways of making money. I have a small business teaching Kindermusik classes and I’m a Brand Partner with Nerium international. Both companies are really family friendly, I make my own hours, and I’ve met some fantastic people. Nerium is a quickly growing company and the skin care products are the best I’ve ever used.

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My name is J.D. Roth. I started Get Rich Slowly in 2006 to document my personal journey as I dug out of debt. Then I shared while I learned to save and invest. Twelve years later, I've managed to reach early retirement! I'm here to help you master your money — and your life. No scams. No gimmicks. Just smart money advice to help you get rich slowly. Read more.

I have designed a template to help parents teach their children about God, to understand different activities that happen within the church i.e. baptism, to help them learn basic Bible verses, and a list of verses which can be utilized for different occurrences in life. I do not know how to market my “tool box” and I am interested on how I can get this item out and available to others. I also am interested in providing a service of giving advice to others. However, I am not sure how to even set up a platform for that. I am a SAHM with seven children ranging from one month to 20 years old; with the last three being age three and under. I am looking for advice and direction. We are currently surviving on my husband’s income, but I want to do more than survive I want to thrive.
Lastly, I needed a good stash size. I put this last because it’s not essential to being successful with cloth and work. I started with a smaller stash, and I made it work, but it took more time and effort. I have just enough diapers to get through an entire week of daycare, so I rarely HAVE to stuff during the week. I do try to, so I’m not buried under a full stash-sized mountain come the weekend, but I can get by skipping it if something else comes up. This saves me a lot of stress and keeps me feeling positive about using cloth.

Swagbucks is an online platform where you can earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards and coupons. You can easily earn SB points by watching videos, playing games, answering questions, shopping online, and even surfing the web using their toolbar. Refer your friends, and you’ll earn even more SB points. Your SB points can be traded in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, PayPal, and Walmart.

Call Center QA is always hiring Telephone Mystery Shoppers from the United States. Work from home making calls and completing short online forms. Flex hours and great pay. No upfront costs or background checks. Payout via PayPal within 24 – 48 hours. We have employed and paid thousands of people across the United States. Member of the Better Business Bureau.
I am not saying that my way is the only way. I am just saying if you are creative you can have the best of both worlds. DON’T let anyone tell you that you can’t as I have seen on here over and over again. If you are looking for a balance think outside the box. You dont need to “stuff envelopes”, or “deliver papers”. Use your passions, and your talents to your advantage. Be creative and even try brainstorming ideas based on your own financial and emotional needs with your husband/sig other.If anything it could make a nice date night :). the only person standing in your way of your dreams is yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. I have had many tell me taht. Luckily I have a very strong relationship with my husband and we KNOW we CAN accomplish anything!! Which we have now proven to everyone ( including our parents who doubted us). Think positive and have a plan, have goals and dreams.Make sure you communicate those with your husband or sig other and develope your plan together it is the only way for it to work. But most of all DO NOT LET WHAT SOMEONE ELSE SAYS INFLUENCE YOUR DECISION AND YOUR DREAMS. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a working mom, there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. You do what you know you need to do. If you do anything else you will not be happy. Take care of yourself for once, and put your needs first. no child will be happy if they have a mom and or dad who is unhappy. You need to make yourself happy BEOFRE you can make ANYONE else happy!!!!!
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: freelancing is a great way to make money from around your schedule, and you can do it even when the kids are around. This is a great “prong” you can add to your business if you’re interested in blogging, or you can just offer freelance services and not even mess with running your own blog (or just have a blog without freelancing!). Any way is perfectly legitimate.
I often set up stations around the house to help keep them occupied and I rotate through them so they don’t get bored of them. So things like legos, play dough, kinetic sand, paint, coloring, reading, board games, card games, water balls (not sure if that is their technical name but they are little tiny balls that swell as they get wet and reduce down as they dehydrate). We usually have a mess to clean up somewhere after I am done working but the kids know the routine enough that there isn’t a big deal for them to help clean up.  – Summer Price
Symbria provides programs, services, and tools to post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, outpatient, and home health. They occasionally hire data entry clerks to input prescription information; search for the positions “Pharmacy Technician Specialist” or “Prescription Entry Clerk”. Symbria is an employee-owned company.
Diapering your babies isn’t supposed to be terribly complicated, but sometimes it can be. Do you choose organic disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or just any old diapers that you happen to grab off the shelf from the grocery store in your sleep deprived new-mom state? For many, cloth diapers tend to be one of the best options, but they can also be a huge headache.  Are cloth diapers actually practical for working moms, and how can you make them work for you?
I am a stay at home mom. I had a job not a career. It would have cost me money to stay at my job. I stay at home with my two children 4 years old and 1 years old. I also watch 3 children all part time for extra money. I work every Sunday 8-4:30 at my old job (DQ) except when we make family plans then I ask for the weekend off. I also do not work there in the summer ( we go to our camp every weekend).I am taking an online course through a local school in Event Management. I work on my schooling in the evening. I have been picking up jobs ( weddings) Saturdays here and there to make some extra cash and to gain experiance. I will continue to watch children until I grow my own buisness once I am done school.( Goal is to have my business grown to a full time career by the time my daughter is in school ( 4 years from now). I also am an Event Organizer for Relay For Life in my communtity. I am the “Activities Event Manager”. Along with that I am a team captian of my own team, organizing one small event a month to raise money. I am a very busy women however I maintain a wonderful balance of raising my children instead of paying someone else to, making money ( actually more then I was making when I was working with when I just had one child.). My husband and I have alone time every evening ( we also go to the gym 3 nights a week as date nights). Once a month we take a Friday evening to ourselves and we hire our niece to babysit. I have always known that I wanted to focus on my family first and my career second. Not saying that I have never wanted a career while being a mom. However Focus on raising my children at home until they are in school then picking up my career then. I know I could not be strickly a “stay at home mom”. I need to do things for me. Have an adult convo with someone besides my husband lol.

As a fellow Canadian and mom of two girls, I can say the Canadian maternity system is really wonderful. As the author mentioned all mothers have to meet criteria in order to be eligible – mainly contributing to EI (employment insurance) for a certain period of time. All employers deduct this while you’re working, so you have to have contributed otherwise you will not be eligible. The same goes for fathers. 50 weeks are offered, 15 of these weeks are specifically for the mother to recover from child birth. The remaining 35 weeks can be split between the mother and father. It’s a great opportunity for families to come together after the birth of a child. Since 35 weeks of Parental leave has been enshrined into law for a number of years now, it is more common for new dads to take some of this time off and most employers are fine with it. As for coming back after being off for a year? It’s really not as hard as it sounds, and because employers know when you’re coming back it’s often well planned out. Most employers end up hiring a person on contract to fill your position for the year you’re off – it’s a great way to get you’re foot in the door if you’re looking for a job. Plus if you decide not to come back after maternity,the contract person often gets first crack at the job. There is no caveat if you don’t go back, but you will have just used up all you EI so you won’t be eligible for those benefits.

Not to mention that many full-time moms feel a bit trapped in the house and end up with memberships to playspaces, classes, activities, or cultural institutions like museums or zoos that they likely wouldn’t have sprung for if they’d been working. Yes, these things are completely optional, and if you’re focusing on frugality above all else you’ll find free things to do with your kids. But after-work drinks and work clothes that you can’t or don’t wear on the weekends (unless you wear a uniform) are optional too. To assume that people will spend rather mindlessly on, say, eating every working lunch out but suddenly curb all their excess spending in the name of frugality if they’re staying at home is . . . optimistic, I think.
Nyla and Noelle – Run your own fashion empire from home. Clothing is the hottest new trend in social selling, and you can get in on the ground floor. We are a boutique clothing and jewelry direct sales company. Our fun and fashionable clothing is offered only through our Curators who sell socially from in-home parties, local events, and online through social media. Our Curators purchase a POP box of inventory to get started. After receiving their POP box our Curators choose every style and color of clothing they receive from our always rotating selections. We offer many truly boutique styles from BOHO chic, western chic, casual basics, dressy clothes, and high-end boutique items. We offer sizes S-3XL. Our Curators enjoy a generous profit margin. 
There are a lot of different topics of discussion when it comes to cloth diapers – reasons to use cloth, types of diapers, wash routines, benefits, saving money, etc.  This post would be really long if I tried to go into all that and besides it’s all out there on the web already (see links at the bottom).  I just wanted to share my story as a working mom who cloth diapers and hopefully inspire other working moms to give it a shot.
Take, for example, a 28-year-old, college educated woman who makes $48,500—the median annual salary for college-educated Americans between the ages of 25 and 34—who plans to leave the traditional workforce for five years. If you do the quick math, her decision to become a full-time unpaid care giver might appear to make sense: She’ll leave roughly $240,000 on the table in the form of her lost wages over five years, but she won’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on child care.
I planned my Stay-at-Home while I was working my 40hr+/wk Sales Job over 8 yrs ago. I found something dear to my heart, HERBS, and made a business out of it! I now help heal children’s eczema, and provide Organic, healthy alternatives to the mainstream bath & beauty products for the whole family!! Lots of hard work, networking, and persistence has built my business to what it is today! – Melissa Carr at Honeybee Holistics
I am an Artist based on Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I do customised artwork’s for home and businesses. As a fulltime mother and a responsible housewife my work is a great place for me for space and freedom and definitely for my satisfaction. I like to do painting and I really when my artwork’s beautifies and fulfils other’s house and places. recently I invited to work with Summer foundation to paint for disable people and the money earned for artwork’s will be spent to help the helpless people. I am really happy my artwork’s are using for helping people.
You need to cut spending, so start with the cuts that will offer the biggest payoff. Don't waste time driving around town to find the best price on frozen peas -- look at where you can make big changes. For example, housing is by far your biggest expense -- it's typically about 30 percent of a home-owning family's budget. Can you move to a less expensive neighborhood? Or downsize your digs? Would you be willing to? This leads to the next big consideration.
Less expensive options include help from friends, family and neighbors, hiring a mother's helper (such as a high school senior) and swapping playdates with other working parents. Michelle, a work-from-home mom from London, U.K., has an arrangement with her retired neighbor. "She looks after my kids for a couple of hours after school, twice a week, and in return I do her grocery shopping and wash her car," she tells SheKnows. "It works for both of us, and a lovely bonus is that she and my kids have developed a really great relationship." 

[…] 50+ Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities – Single Moms Income – I admit that I have been a long time reader of this blog, and it is very helpful. It contains many helpful resources for moms out there, single or married! This post contains a very detailed oriented one with links as to where to get more information. You will find jobs from customer service, to web designer. […]
Love all these ideas and the creativity of moms wanting to stay home and yet contribute financially for their families. Thank you for including all these ideas. I am a mom of four boys and have worked for Pampered Chef for six years. I love cooking, helping others develop a love for cooking and eating healthy! With the current trends in food and in women/men wanting to cook at home more than eating out, my business continues to take off. The benefits have been incredible. I easily earn hundreds of dollars a month and reap bonuses for staying active (from tote bags to jewelry to free products that I am able to give as gifts.) I always advise women I speak with who are looking for opportunities such as this to find what you are passionate about, make sure your husband is on board with it, pray and then go for it!