And then there’s The House. Over the years, I’ve found that keeping young kids busy without resorting to too many screens usually involves some level of mess. Busy kids = happy kids = Mommy can work uninterrupted for a while, but it also means more cleanup time and energy for Mom (or more accurately, for the kids, but teaching them requires my time and energy too).

I found my company Norwex from a blog and absolutely love it. Using safe cleaning products is very important to me since I have two daughters I stay at home with. Norwex sells so many great products that radically reduce the use of chemicals in our homes. I love this company, the products, and how it allows me to make extra money for my family while staying home with my girls. I am so encouraged in this company, my goal is to eventually make enough for my husband to join my team and come home and work the business with me. – Justine at Norwex
LOVE our cloth diapers! We use prefolds and Thirsties covers. The Velcro works best for us, because we do Elimination Communication, and it just makes the dipes that much easier to get off. My daughter started pooping on the potty very consistently at 6 months, so our cloth diapering experience has been a breeze. And it has been nice to get a break from them; our second baby is due any day, and yes, I am dreading all that extra laundry and keeping up with it, etc. We dry our cloth diapers out on the clothesline, so coordinating the fact that I can’t dry all the diapers plus a load of sheets is a little frustrating, but worth it. We will probably end up using the dryer for our clothes more than I would prefer for a while. But we aren’t going to start with the cloth diapers until I have breastfeeding all under control and settled; once we are good with that, then we will ditch the sposies. 🙂
I have a 7 month old baby, and have been running Snoack Studios, a web and graphic design company, for almost 5 years from home, I love it! We specialize in designing and developing WordPress websites, and also offer logos, business cards and any other print and digital marketing collateral a business may need! – Shannon Noak at
You can start by going to your personal Facebook page and posting about the teething ring you like and telling your friends about it.  Then include your Amazon Associates link to the product.  If one of your friends buys the teething ring after clicking on your link, you get a percentage of the sale.  Your friend doesn’t pay any extra, and you make money.  Win-Win.  Oh, and if your friend clicks your link to the baby teething ring and gets distracted and ends up buying a new vacuum–you still get your commission even though that’s not what you linked to!  Awesome!
I love my BG one size diapers. I have a mix but I go back to those a lot. The other nice thing about them is that they are a trim fit unlike a lot of other cloth diapers. With most of my other diapers I have to size up 3-6 months in bottoms because of the wonderful big booty they create – so cute! – but the BGs are close to a disposable diaper in size/fit. If we have a third child I’ll be buying a few more of the BGs.

Career and Workplace. How family friendly your employer is can play a huge role in how difficult it will be to stay home or continue working. Even before you have a baby, look for a job that will be respectful of your family's values. "If your employer is not flexible of working parents ... then it's going to make working that much harder," says Morgan Steiner. If you decide to stay home, determine how likely it will be for you to return to your job or career. To help keep competitive while at home, Jacqueline Plumez, PhD, a psychologist and career counselor in Larchmont, N.Y., proposes keeping current in your profession by taking classes, working part time, or volunteering in projects related to your career. Yasgoor also recommends joining professional associations or attending networking events.

Kid & Coe is a listing site specifically for homes that are kid-friendly. This service provides books and toys for play during downtime. Some accommodate babies and toddlers with the availability of high chairs, strollers, and cribs. As a host, you can also help guests find the best family-friendly tourist spots. If this sounds like a good side gig for you, sign up here.
Putting a price tag on a priceless job is hard to do, but we gave it a shot anyway. On Mother’s Day,, the leader in compensation data, planning and analytics, would like to honor all the Moms out there who work their hardest day-in and day-out. We would like to recognize both professional and stay-at-home Moms on their unwavering dedication to their families and other responsibilities.
Pockets were an absolute disaster for us. They always had buildup and were repelling liquid. With my first we used a variety of fitteds and covers. With my second we simplified big time. 3 or 4 pair of wool longies, 6 co-ordinating t-shirts and 16 motherease sandys, that was the entire sum of clothing he had for the first 2.5 years of his life. It made laundry simple as he had so few clothes and the longies only needed to be washed every 4-6 weeks (I’d put a different pair on after changing to let the previous pair air out. I learned how to knit to make my own longies and then knit them with extra length and cuffed them so that he would get extra wear out of them. He literally had the same three pair of longies from 4 months to potty training at 2.5 (and a few pair of shorties for summer). For the newborn stage I borrowed diapers from a friend and had made a few pair of tiny longies, which I later unravelled for the yarn and reknit into the shorties!
Ever wish you could step out of your mom shoes for a bit and take on the role of the mysterious stranger? Become a secret shopper, and you can do just that. You’ll be paid to visit in-store locations and evaluate them through the eyes of a customer. If you prefer to work from home, you can also call customer support networks to perform remote assessments.
Consider a diaper service: For many families, the thought of rinsing poop into the toilet and then putting stained diapers into the family’s washing machine is too much to bear (though many do it with great panache, if with a pinched nose.) Furthermore, the thought of extra loads of laundry can push a stressed family over the edge.  Many cities have a diaper service that will pick up soiled diapers and return them–fresh and clean–straight to your doorstep, a savior for many working parents.  But is it affordable?  One mom recently told me that she had done a comparative analysis of the costs of water, energy, and laundry supplies they would use if they cleaned the diapers themselves, and – even without factoring in the labor – the diaper service was cost-effective for their family.  If you do decide to launder your diapers at home, most families reported doing laundry 1-2 times a week more than they otherwise would have and finding it manageable. 

I started our Etsy shop when our daughter was 6 months old and I stopped working full time away from home. It initially started out as a way to earn a little extra money but we’ve put a lot of energy into it the last two years and have grown our Etsy shop to be one of our family’s primary sources of income. Our Etsy shop is MontanaSolarCreations. I also write a blog, Montana Homesteader, about our adventures in modern day homesteading. I monetized the blog and started making money with it the first month we started it. It is now about 8 months old and it has been making enough money each month to pay some of our monthly household bills – Annie Bernauer at Montana Solar Creations.
Writing eBooks is an excellent strategy for people who are skilled writers and feel like they could do enough research to learn what is necessary to write a book on some topic.  I wrote my first eBook about photography.  I wasn’t a pro, but I really liked photography and thought I could at least share what I’d learned so far.  It did so well that it is what motivated me to start a blog and work online.