While working at home may not allow you to stay in your prior profession, it can allow you to keep your business skills fresh while you take a break from your regular job. The skills you learn while working at home, coupled with the years of experience, could be seen as justification for higher pay if you choose to return to your previous career down the road.
This comprehensive resource — founded by The Penny Hoarder’s executive editor, Alexis Grant — will transform your freelancing efforts. Instead of a slogging away at your keyboard alone in a basement or coffee shop, you’ll be part of a well-supported community activity — and one that will actually get you paid. This collaborative blog makes the process of going from writer to earner transparent, fun and achievable.
Great article, thanks. I’m a Mom of 4, now a hands-on Nanna. Pretty hard to get things done when your kids are small. When my oldest was being bullied at school I desperately needed money to pay for an alternative private school. So I became an ethical dog breeder. Twenty seven years on I’m still doing it and reckon it beats most other options out there hands down.
When searching for legitimate work from home jobs, make sure to ask questions. If the job posting is limited with information, contact the poster and gather as much information before going any further. Find out how much the job paying: Is it Hourly or commission based? Also ask how often you get paid, and what equipment is required to do the job. With work from home jobs, the main communication is done online, so make sure you are perfectly clear of what is expected and have knowledge of red flags to avoid.

My kids are in preschool and school all day, but I still put them off and on the bus. And I can quit work the second they arrive home, go eat lunch with them at school, or take the day off when they have a snow day or school is out for some reason. I couldn’t do any of those things when I worked in a 9-5 job, so I am incredibly grateful. Heck, I could barely leave an hour early at my old job! Now that I am self-employed, I feel like my life is finally “mine.”
[…] 50+ Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities – Single Moms Income – I admit that I have been a long time reader of this blog, and it is very helpful. It contains many helpful resources for moms out there, single or married! This post contains a very detailed oriented one with links as to where to get more information. You will find jobs from customer service, to web designer. […]
Did I find this article useful? Yes, yes and a resounding yes!!! I happen to have a friend from Florida who has been bugging me about an online income opportunity because she knows I am a freelancer who earns through online jobs. But since we live worlds apart, I just didn’t know how to help her. I am definitely sharing this to her and I am checking some of the things listed here too for myself. Thanks Alexa!

What a great analysis and personal story of choosing to work at home and parent. I chose to stay at my job full time after a 4 month maternity leave as I really did like my job and I made enough to make day care feasible. However, I continued my career only because we found a wonderful small family day care that treated my son as their own son. He and I have had several conversations about it as he has gotten older (he’s now a college freshman) and he said that it was okay and that he loved them and that they loved him, but that he always missed me every day. But that the way he thought of it was that it was his job to go to day care and later to school just like it was his dad an my job to go to work, if that makes sense. He has always been a profound thinker who may major or minor in Philosophy at college. And both my husband and I have made sure we had flexible schedules so that one or both of us could attend all school events, scouting, etc. so it worked out, but we had to really think it through to get it to work. I turned down assignments that would have led to faster advancement, but they involved too much travel or really long work hours. I am adding this for all those folks who for what ever reason are working and have kids in daycare. But, I agree with many posters that you have to follow your heart and find the solution that works best for you and your family. Baybywoods is just adorable and such smiles–her joy is contagious!

Writer or blogger—There are many working-at-home moms who supplement their incomes by writing or blogging. You need to be a skilled writer and must be willing to put in some time in order to secure clients and make a name for yourself. A few options that you could consider include writing books, e-books, technical documents, or blogs. Writers can earn anywhere from $14.67 to $57.10 or more an hour. However, bloggers' incomes are hard to predict since what you get out of it really depends on what you put into it. And there are many ways for bloggers to earn money, including by putting ads on their sites, selling products and services, writing sponsored posts, writing product reviews, and doing giveaways for companies.
Have a support system. You may be a stay-at-home mom with a job, but that doesn't mean you won't need occasional childcare. You might have a partner, grandparent, or another family member who can step in and help when he or she is not working. You might have another mom that you can swap play dates with. Or you may need to get a casual babysitter, even if it is a teenager who can come over after school or on weekends.
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Similarly, Leah Charney, 34, cares for her infant son while working at home as a marketing and operations consultant in Colorado. Postpartum, she returned to a demanding job but quickly left to scale back and work from home while her husband still worked full-time. Her son goes to day care two days a week—that’s when she schedules meetings and tackles larger projects. On other days, she works while he eats and naps.
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Dog watching. One of the best jobs for stay at home moms who love their four-legged friends.  Rover.com matches dog owners who need pet sitting with pet lovers who want to help. Create your profile and set your prices. Must be in a city populated enough to find business, but the potential to earn hundreds of dollars per month is there. (Heather in Seattle nets $500 to $1000 per month this way.)

I am a teacher & mom but just started as an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails in October! love it and love the wraps! Jamberry is a family and my team is a sisterhood….we support each other, assist each other and lift each other up! We have one of the top compensation plans in direct sales! You are your own boss…work when you want! It’s Jamazing!

Since I’m also caring for my bouncing 5-month-old full-time, I don’t put in anything close to a full 9-5 workday. But since I’m a freelancer, I don’t have to! I write and schedule calls when Babywoods naps, after she goes to bed, and on the weekends when Mr. FW is home and able to watch her. And sometimes I write while she snuggles in my lap or plays at my feet. We have a whole system worked out, me and Babywoods.
I,m experienced Financial Accountant working for 17 years who can generate Financial Reports, Analysis Reports to the Customer in Excel / Word and Can enter the data in Accounting Software, Quickbooks, Tally, Peachtree etc. I am entering datas in Very good speed. Now I,m searching for Work from home, Accounting / Data Entry / Copy writing/ Excel, Word. and mostly I like even 7 hours a day regular work from home for any particular company or comapnies 

But as the years passed, the shiny perks lost a bit of their luster, and I could no longer quell the pang of parenthood. I knew I was meant to be a mother, and if I didn’t make a move, I'd spend my life mourning the mistake of not having kids. Still, I thought I'd pop out a baby and go back to the workforce full time. After all, I'd fought so hard to get where I was and loved my profession (and my paycheck) that I couldn't imagine not continuing after kids.
You might be thinking, “Why do I still need childcare? I work at home!” Yes, it’s true you now have the “luxury” of working at home in your pajamas while sharing cheddar bunnies with your toddler—but don’t forget you are still a work at home mom. Working from home moms are MUCH different than stay at home moms. You still have deadlines to meet, virtual client meetings to schedule, and even the occasional in-person meeting. (Yup, you have to actually get dressed for those—GASP!). I know childcare can be super expensive but I beg you not to skimp on this one. It will save your sanity six months from now when you are stretched out to the max, on deadline and can’t take the guilt of playing another episode of Curious George. The truth is you need time and mental space to really work. You’ll be able to give your best to your clients if you hire some extra help. Your kids will be taken care and you can work guilt-free. If you’re just starting out, even a few hours of childcare 1–2 days a week will help. Right now we are “nanny-sharing” in four to six-hour chunks a few times a week. I also work on the weekends while my husband is with the kids. Other moms I know hire college students, do a childcare co-op or even trade childcare time with other moms.
Rover.com, a nationwide network that connects dog owners with local dog sitters, is seeking professional dog sitters, casual dog lovers - anyone who wants to earn a side income dog sitting. The company's dog sitters can earn up to $50.00 per dog, per day. From the company: "Snuggle dogs. Get paid. Live the dream. A service is booked on Rover every minute of … Read More
10.  Set a date night.  Every week.  Every other at the least.  (P.S. This totally applies to all married folk.)  Between being a mom, chauffeur, housekeeper, diaper changer, meal planner, etc.  and running your own business (all by your lonesome), there is little time for your love life.  Make the time–no excuses.  Your husband will worship you for it–and you’ll be so thankful he does.  There’s really nothing better on this earth than to find your partner, the one who finishes your sentences.  Treasure that relationship.