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Being a social media manager can be of the best work-from-home jobs if you’re autonomously managing a company’s social media presence. As the voice of the organization, you can manage the strategy and the day-to-day support for their top social platforms. This could include content creation, advertising budget and daily engagement. Having your own thriving social media presence will help you get experience and show your prospective clients your know-how. Social media marketing changes faster than a newborn in a be willing to stay on top of the trends.
I keep a running To-Do List throughout the week. I add to it continually and let the list get really long. I actually keep two: one personal and one work-related. But each day I select 3-5 action items which are the things that I truly need to get done. If I can get through more than that, great. But most days there is really only time for the top 3 pressing items. You’ll be surprised how efficient you can be when you narrow your focus each day. Read more about my To-Do list strategy here. 

So I looked into work at home options (I wrote a whole post about it here). Blogging kept coming up as the perfect side hustle for a stay at home mom. That was where I found Suzi and Blog by Number! I was instantly hooked. I’d loved writing in high school, and I’d read so many mom blogs over the years – and Suzi was telling me I could be just like them!
I cannot thank you enough for the info you provided! I went back to work before my son turned 4. Now he’s 12 & I feel like I’ve missed out on so many summers & just time together because I’m working 5 days a week. I plan to take a serious look at the opportunities you listed and hopefully I can find a way to stay home and still earn an income. Plus, I drive 60 miles a day, saving almost $300 a month in gas alone would go a long way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Stacy: We always do chores before school – sometime between 8 and 9:30. Our chores usually take me about an hour and a half every day – some days are longer, some days are less. Whatever we can’t get done before we start school, we will do a different part of the day. Occasionally, during their independent school work, I will finish up chores. The kids are helping a lot more now though! The kids know how to sweep the floor, keep the table clean, empty the trash, etc. This takes some off my plate!
Zeitcaster is a location-based service that delivers local event data. They frequently hire part-time data entry clerks to input time and location data, as well as categorize each event. Data Entry clerks are assigned to different types of events based on employee interest, for example: Art, Children & Family, Nature & Outdoors, etc. Pay is around $15/hour, likely dependent on location. 

Hi, I’m a stay at home mom of 3 young children (5, 3, & 1) and am a promoter for Thrive!! It’s a fantastic company to work for! It’s absolutely FREE to sign up!!! No hidden fees anywhere!! It’s a cloud based company, which allows more money to be redistributed back into the pockets of the hard working promoters. If you’re interested in promoting email me at [email protected].
I volunteered at school and tried finding other outlets for my energy and skills. I really didn't have anybody to mentor me and slowly but surely, I lost any confidence I had in my ability to succeed in the workplace. Everyone told me what great kids I have and what a testament to what a wonderful parent I was. Being a "wonderful" parent somehow didn't feel entirely wonderful. I had the sense that I wasn't valued by working mothers. I became very disconnected from anything outside of my family life. I felt aimless, unsatisfied and incapable of anything but kid stuff. What I didn't realize then was that the capabilities I had that had gotten me through graduate school and into a Fortune 500 company didn't disappear with the decision to stay home for a few years.

Since I’m also caring for my bouncing 5-month-old full-time, I don’t put in anything close to a full 9-5 workday. But since I’m a freelancer, I don’t have to! I write and schedule calls when Babywoods naps, after she goes to bed, and on the weekends when Mr. FW is home and able to watch her. And sometimes I write while she snuggles in my lap or plays at my feet. We have a whole system worked out, me and Babywoods.
When considering the type of job you want, be sure to factor in your financial requirements, how many hours you want to work (be it full-time work or part-time), your child care accommodations, and whether you need health insurance or other benefits. For moms and dads, there are definite perks to working from home, in that you have better flexibility to care for your family. But this flexibility can also come at a cost — make sure you understand the pluses as well as the minuses. A few of the standouts are as follows:

Wow, this is absolutely amazing to hear. You and Mr. Frugalwoods are living out the plan that Mr. Picky Pincher and myself outlined a year ago, when we started our frugal journey. I’m so happy to see it’s achievable. 🙂 I’m not a mom yet, but I do struggle over whether staying at home is right for us or not. I’m sure the answer will come when Baby Picky Pincher is here. 🙂 Bravo for doing what’s right for you!

I am an Artist based on Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I do customised artwork’s for home and businesses. As a fulltime mother and a responsible housewife my work is a great place for me for space and freedom and definitely for my satisfaction. I like to do painting and I really when my artwork’s beautifies and fulfils other’s house and places. recently I invited to work with Summer foundation to paint for disable people and the money earned for artwork’s will be spent to help the helpless people. I am really happy my artwork’s are using for helping people.